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Pick from our custom modules to match your team’s current expertise.

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Our guaranteed 3:1 student ratio gives your team the capability to start working with ML from day one.

High quality learning

Access the right guidance and expertise to build ML competencies in-house.

Learn the tools of the trade

Cut through all the AI hype

Hands-on training

Choose from flexible modules designed to meet your team

at their level.

Our experts walk your team through common problems and explain how to tackle phenomena like overfitting.

Make sure that your team is on the cutting edge with our continuous learning program.

Modular workshop design

Get beyond theory and into practice with content built around your business needs.

1:3 Developer to student ratio guarantees true knowledge transfer

Our goal is to ensure that your team leaves with the ability to apply their new knowledge with a real understanding of the concepts, technologies and tools that consist of Machine Learning.

Our step by step process takes them through the basics of ML to foundational topics such as recurrent neural networks and generative models.

By equipping your team with the fundamentals, we enable you to start having real conversations about how to apply Machine Learning in your business.

Such as:

  • Intro to Python and Jupyter notebook
  • Intro to Deep Learning with Keras
  • Mathematical foundations of ML
  • Object detection in Caffe
  • Learning text representation using Gensim
  • Exploiting neural nets with adversarial examples
  • Debugging machine learning
  • Common problems in Machine Learning
  • Deploying Machine Learning
  • Sentiment analysis in Keras
  • Neural art style transfer

Choose from customizable modules

  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Generative Adversarial Networks

Training as comprehensive as you need it to be

  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • Caffe
  • PyTorch
  • OpenCV
  • Gensim

  • Word2vec
  • Faster R-CNN
  • Residual Networks
  • Transfer learning
  • One-shot learning
  • Regularization

Get the best of the best

Machine Learning is our passion. We’re committed to taking the mystique and confusion out of ML and making it accessible to businesses all around the globe. That’s why we bring our most experienced team and ardent champions to facilitate our workshops.

Machine Learning Engineer

Meet the team

Michał Bigaj

Maciej Warchoł

Machine Learning Engineer

Joanna Gajda

Machine Learning Engineer

"The team structured the information in a way that it allowed me to use it my work right way. I enjoy workshops, but they tend to be detached from everyday problems. Craftinity's Machine Learning workshop is different. They take our use cases into consideration and tailor the content accordingly. I would definitely sign up again. The guys at Craftinity really know what they're doing."

Konrad Muchowicz

I left really knowing how to implement ML in my work.

"The workshops equipped me with tools that I use in my work every day. Craftinity puts a heavy emphasis on participants actually being able to apply knowledge in their work, which was great. I also really appreciated that they customized the material to our particular business context of mobile app development. I highly recommend their workshops and facilitators."

Android developer

I loved how hands-on everything 

I learned was. 

iOS developer

Filip Radoń

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